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Olympic Lifting: Just a Sport or Key in the development of Power?

What is Olympic lifting? Olympic lifting is the aim to lift the most amount of weight in the two competition lifts of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. However, what makes the movements difficult is the technique used which requires … Continue reading

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Complex training: Key training tool or Detrimental to performance?

What is Complex training? Similarly to plyometric training, complex training originated from the Soviet Union with the first journal article being written about it by Fleck and Kontor in 1986. Complex training, or Post activation Potentiation (PAP) is the combination … Continue reading


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Small Sided Games as metabolic conditioning.

The above video shows a Small Sided Game from the pre-season training of Bayern Munich. It is evident that the players have different physical demands depending on their role in the session structure. The method of using SSG as Fitness … Continue reading

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A change of direction for plyometric training

In the video below you can see Lionel Messi Scoring vs Real Madrid one of the great El Classico goals. From a purely physical view,alongside his outstanding dribbling ability, the changes of direction¬†from slow to fast were incredible. Now, football … Continue reading

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